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Dm Gaming Premium Benefits

Premium advantages

Dm Gaming Premium Account, to enjoy exclusive benefits while supporting the website and guaranteeing its future! You can subscribe from €2 per month, or use the one-year subscription with three months free.

Premium 2 € / Month

Premium 18 € / Year
3 months free!

Dm Gaming Premium Benefits

Why Premium Membership, Your Benefits, Premium Cases, Donations and FAQ

Why the premium subscription?

For those who follow the news of Dm Gaming, you know that I often look for solutions in order to be able to pay for the hosting of the website, whether it is for example via advertisements or by Patreon. Unfortunately none of these solutions work and the site is on the contrary more and more expensive, due to its expansion. I still have to be able to eat and find accommodation, and unfortunately I can no longer absorb the cost of the website (currently around € 200 per month).

The last solution and the one I offer is a premium subscription, at the rate of € 1 per month. The price is deliberately low, in order to allow those who like the website to be able to continue to exist. If this solution does not work, I would unfortunately have no choice but to close the site.

What are my advantages?

The goal is to offer you significant advantages, because it is thanks to you that the site will always be hosted, but without preventing people who could not afford to consult the site, here is the list of advantages:

Features Standard Premium
Access to articles on the site Everything except some guides and builds All
Ad-free navigation No Yes
Access to Night Mode Yes Yes
Discord Premium role No Yes
Info and preview access No Yes
Proposed article to cover No Yes
Access to Guilds Need to be active Yes
Dm Gaming Survival No Yes


Why should I pay?
There is nothing mandatory, you can enjoy the content without paying, but without these subscriptions the site will have to close. Unfortunately, it is impossible to survive independently without this system.

How can I subscribe?
You will find the subscription just above, or on your profile page

I want to stop my subscription
Go to your profile page, and click on "Unsubscribe".

I have a problem or want more information about the Premium account
Contact me directly at

What are the means of payment?
Currently only via Paypal, it's very easy to create an account if you don't have one yet.

Is the payment secure?
Dm Gaming uses SSL encryption guaranteeing the security of all your data, moreover all transactions will be carried out on the Paypal site, known and used worldwide.

Are other means of payment planned?
Currently no, quite simply because it costs several hundred euros per year and is largely off-budget.

What is the Premium Discord Role?
On the Discord Dm Gaming, just type! premium to give you the role reserved for premiums, you will have access to the specific chat and appear in a specific role.

Info and preview access
On the Discord Dm Gaming, you will have access to content before others, such as access to parts of free items on Diablo 2 Resurrected or news before their official release.

I want to contribute even more
And it is greatly appreciated! If so, you can directly make a donation above or apply to join thevolunteer team !

I'm Prime on Twitch
Since the premium is monthly and not renewed, it is unfortunately unmanageable to grant the premium. If however you make a donation, you will have an associated premium. The bonus on Twitch, however, allows you to no longer have ads during our lives and to unlock our emotes!

I made a donation
Contact me directly, the premium will match your donation! You can also of course contact me if you have any questions before making a donation.

Alchemists dm gaming

If you know me or if you follow Dm Gaming, you know that I always play my cards on the table and that I do not hesitate to give you all the information so that you understand the situation in which the website finds itself. I hope you will want to support the website, and that thanks to you it can continue to exist.

By Alchemists, September 2021

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