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One of the best builds to start the new tournament season on Diablo 2 Resurrected! The Armageddon Fire Druid!

  • Intro Sponsors: (00:00)
  • The Druid Fire armageddon to annihilate the start of the D2R season : (00:12)
  • The druid's FCR and FHR tiers: (00:47)
  • Skills to be taken in order and final: (01:09)
  • Leveling Equipment: (01:49)
  • Final equipment: (02:52)
  • Mercenary leveling and final: (03:42)
  • Gameplay Diablorun Hell: (04:10)
  • Thanks for watching this video! :(06:06)

  • The Fire Armageddon Druid to destroy the new D2R ladder: (00:00)
  • Druid FCR FHR Breakpoints: (00:29)
  • Leveling skills and final ones: (00:46)
  • Leveling Stuff from normal to hell: (01:10)
  • Endgame Stuff :(02:20)
  • Leveling and Final Mercenary: (02:40)
  • Diablorun Hell Gameplay:(02:55)
  • Thanks for watching!: (04:17)

Why start with Fire Druid?

Before starting the guide, here is why starting with this druid is a very good idea:

  • it is very easy to start with and finish the three difficulty levels
  • you have high physical AND fire damage, so you can easily deal with immunes
  • you have good resistances and can use a summon to take the damage for you
  • you transition without problem to the endgame for farm!
  • you can also seamlessly transition to a PVP version!


Here are the character stats:

  • strength: what to wear your equipment
  • Dexterity: 0
  • vitality: the rest
  • energy: 30 to 40 points for leveling then reset to 0
  • FBR quick release speed: 0
  • RCF casting speed: 46% then 68% then 99%
  • FHR fast recovery speed: 42% then 63% then 99%
  • Fast Attack Speed ​​IAS: 0

Leveling skills

The order is very simple to improve your character, your only choice will be whether you want to play Grizzly or not.

  • Level 1 to 5: points only in Firestorm, use this spell to attack
  • Level 6 to 23: points only in Molten Rock, now use this spell to attack
  • Level 24 to 29: points in Volcano, you will have two attack spells
  • Level 30: one point in Armageddon
  • Level 30 and above:
    • priority 20 points in Armageddon
    • then the missing points of Roche en Fusion
    • then the missing points of Volcano
    • then the missing Firestorm points

Some precisions :

  • you can also fetch Grizzly at your level 30
  • you can put some dots in Fissure to increase Armageddon summon duration, handy while leveling to save some mana
  • if you play as a team, remember to put points in Chêne Sage as soon as you level up to help your group


Here are your final skills:

  • Firestorm: 20
  • Molten Rock: 20
  • Volcano: 20
  • Armageddon: 20
  • Nothing
  • Oak Sage: the rest of the points
  • OR Grizzly: if you want to have an extra ally to resist

Leveling equipment

Here are the items to collect:

  • Helmet: Lore, for +1 skill, then a circlet with skill
  • Shield: Pact of the Ancients for resistances then Spirit on a Monarch shield
  • Armor: Stealth then Smoke or Lionheart then Vipermagic
  • Weapon: Spirit on a sword
  • Gloves: rare with resistances
  • Boots: rare with resistances
  • Ring: rare with 10 fast spell speed
  • Amulet: rare with resistances
  • Belt: rare with resistances or Disciple, Immortal King

Keep in mind that you must have 48% and then 75% rapid spell speed!

Final equipment

Here are the items to collect:

  • Helmet: Flickering Flame on an Armagedon base
  • Shield: Spirit
  • Armor: Enigma
  • Weapon: Hoto
  • Gloves: Magefist
  • Boots: Sandstorm
  • Ring: two Bul Khatos
  • Amulet: Mara or elemental amulet
  • Belt: Arach

You will need to achieve 99% FCR and 99% FHR.

Alternative PvP

You will need to reach FCR Tier 163:

  • Helmet: Flickering Flame on an Armagedon base
  • Shield: Spirit
  • Armor: Enigma
  • Weapon: Suicide Branch
  • Gloves: Magefist
  • Boots: Sandstorm
  • Ring: two Bul Khatos
  • Amulet: Paladin skills
  • Belt: Arach

Mercenary, choice, equipment and leveling

Choice of mercenary:

  • Act 2 Sacred Immobilization for slowing or Power to help his lifesteal

Equipment to be recovered:

  • Helmet: Tal Rasha or Crown of Thieves then Face of Andariel
  • Weapon: Insight for damage and mana aura
  • Armor: Treachery then Fortitude


Here are some examples of instances very easily done with the druid:

  • fill


  • 2.4: creation

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Alchemists dm gaming

An Armageddon Fire Druid build combining power, fun and ease of play to start the new season of Diablo 2 Resurrected very well on Patch 2.4 or farm the hells! Also viable in PvP, one of the best Swiss army knives in D2R!

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By Alchemists, April 2022

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