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Wolcen Patch 1.0.12


Wolcen Patch 1.0.12 : un résumé complet et digeste pour tout savoir sur le patch de Wolcen ! Vaut-il le coup de s'y attarder ? La réponse !

Le patch est dispo ! un nouveau up des uniques

  • Fixed various client & server crashes.
  • Fixed a game crash leading to a black screen when reading corrupted character save data. Please let us know if the issue persists.
  • Fixed an issue causing active effects tooltip to stay on screen after the effect expired.
  • Fixed an issue displaying offline friends as online in the friend list.

  • Fixed an issue preventing the player to click in some areas of the Gate of Fates.
  • Fixed an issue preventing active effect tooltip description to be displayed beyond the first text line.
  • Fixed an issue causing the "add friend" and "accept invitation" buttons to overlap, allowing them to be clicked at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue preventing a player to close the trading window if the other player disconnected during the transaction.
  • Fixed an issue causing player portraits UI collision box to stay after the player disconnected, preventing to click under it.
  • Fixed an issue randomly causing some UI text of the game to be rendered as white squares.
  • Added a transition screen between expedition floors to hide level loading artifacts.


  • Fixed an issue causing players to fall endlessly if they used Wings of Ishmir while being teleported to the next expedition floor.
  • Fixed an issue preventing minion health in summoning skills details panel to display changes when using the "Heads Hang Low" passive nodes.
  • Fixed an issue causing the player to fall under Act 1 boss' arena using Slayer's Flurry with the "Cosmic Ambush" variant.
  • Fixed an issue causing summoned minions to collide with the player if they were grabbed by a Demon of Soul's possession skill first.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Arctic Spear's "Sublime Fracture" variant to apply on additional projectiles launched by the skill.

  • Fixed an issue causing a T-Pose animation when casting summon skills while moving.
  • Fixed the female model in T-pose in the Champion of Stormfall cinematic.

  • Fixed an issue where Genesis Stone wasn't able to craft all the magic effects it's supposed to on Chests and Helmets.
  • Changed the computation of Beauty Eternal magic effect that transfers the Dodge Chance Score to All Resistances Score. Existing items will be rerolled.
  • Unique armors of the last tier have been added and will be accessible at level 65+, this concerns:
    • Agony
    • Argand's Hearth
    • Autarchic Secret
    • Bio-Flow Symbiosis
    • Blood Tear Bastion
    • Bloodlust
    • Envoy of War
    • Expurgation
    • Feast of Cankers
    • First Men's Legacy
    • Frayed Combat Cleats
    • Frostweave Qullittuq
    • Gaälnazek
    • Genesis
    • Hakeresh Shelya'ar
    • James's Tall Tale
    • Morbid Retribution
    • Mournfall Treads
    • Odelia's March
    • Purifier's Statement
    • Smile of the Searing Song
    • The Figurehead
    • Veiled Eclipse
    • Vigilance: Scorched Ravine

  • Updated English localization.
  • Updated German localization.
  • Updated French localization.
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese localization.
  • Updated Polish localization.
  • Updated Russian localization.
  • Updated Spanish localization.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese localizatio
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Un second coup de polish sur les uniques, en attente de mieux !

Par Alchemists, Mars 2020

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